Faculty Home Vespers This Friday

All students will be enjoying dinner and evening worship with our faculty and staff this Friday evening, the  The list of hosts and student groups will be posted tomorrow morning. Please note that there will not be an official vespers service on campus, and there will be no OH Live broadcast that evening.

Missions preachers

Mission Emphasis Week

“There are opportunities everywhere for anyone who is interested in mission work.” said Daniel Hill, a college sophomore. This week, from April 19-25, the academy and college have had joint morning worships presented by college students who have spent time in the mission field. The presenters focused on aspects of mission work, created greater awareness… Continue Reading…

San Antonio_15

Pathways to Health Event

During Spring Break this year, OH students had the opportunity to volunteer at a free health clinic hosted in the Alamodome in San Antonio. The event, lasting from April 8-10, involved over 1,700 volunteers from around the United States, most of them health professionals. Doctors and nurses offered health services such as primary care, dental… Continue Reading…


Outdoor School

March 24, students and staff had a great time in outdoor school classes in Bible, English, math, science, music, PE, and social team building skills at DeGray State Park.  

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Snow Day!

A sleepy student sitting in a morning class casually glances out the window and suddenly straightens up. “It’s snowing!” the student whispers excitedly to the person beside him. Everyone turns to look, as the teacher tries to gain control of the classroom. The little white flakes are falling faster, and it looks like the snow… Continue Reading…